Virtuualmin could not install Webalizer on Rocky 9

Rockey 9 fresh install Virtualmin Pro, Webalizer does not appear to be installed on your system, when it tries to install it, it fails, from the command line I cannot install it

sudo dnf -y install webalizer
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:09 ago on Thu 29 Sep 2022 04:27:01 PM CDT.
No match for argument: webalizer
Error: Unable to find a match: webalizer

Virtualmin was installed by default, I just did the upgrade.

What is the deal?

It has awstats installed.

I cannot disable it in features due to nogroup issue, so I am stuck.

Failed to save enabled features : An error was found in the ProFTPD configuration template : Unix group nogroup in Group directive does not exist. This must be fixed by editing the Default Settings on the Server Templates page


virtualmin check-config
ERROR: Webalizer does not appear to be installed on your system, or has not yet been set up properly in Webmin's Webalizer Logfile Analysis module. If your system does not use Webalizer, it should be disabled in Virtualmin's module configuration page

This did not help

virtualmin disable-feature --all-domains --webalizer

locate webalizer.conf returns empty, the file does not exist.

ServerName ${DOM}
<Anonymous ${HOME}/ftp>
User ftp
Group nogroup
UserAlias anonymous ftp
<Limit WRITE>
RequireValidShell off


Group nogroup
Group nobody

Now I can disable webalizer, but is this right?


When what tried to install it? As far as I know, it’s an optional package in the yum groups for Rocky/CentOS/RHEL, so if it’s available (like on CentOS 7) it’ll install it. But, if not it won’t, and Virtualmin should not care if it’s missing.

What makes you think it is necessary? What specific error are you getting from Virtualmin that makes you want to install Webalizer?

I don’t know what this means.

Webalizer doesn’t exist in the Rocky 9 repos, so we dropped it from the default install.

What’s that got to do with Webalizer? Don’t confuse me with unrelated stuff.

ProFTPd also is unrelated to Webalizer (though it sounds like there’s a problem, I’m not sure I understand it).

@Ilia didn’t you do test installs on Rocky 9? I thought you’d confirmed we don’t need Webalizer and it gracefully handles it being missing?

After upgrading to Pro it ran the recheck configuration, where it stopped and gave you two options, one is to install webalizer, it is gone, so why is it asking to install it, knowing you cannot, is the question, but the other option is uncheck the use webalizer in reports option, which again, seems pointless if you cannot install it, but this fails due to a problem in ProFTP which may sound unrelated, but once you fix that, you can uncheck the use webalizer in reports option, and get pass the recheck configuration page, so something is going on here, I hope I was clear this time, you would have to do a test on a clean VPS with the image HostNoc uses with Virtualmin GPL installed by default, maybe some code that was in the GPL version is causing this issue, I just report what I have issues with, and try to explain how to reproduce this error.

I have it working now, and it seems fine, I have to upload all the content before rebooting, and PHP-FPM 7.4 does not want to start due to the socket being used by another process, so after a reboot, I will see how that goes.


Sorry, I was in a rush, I didn’t intend to come off dismissive above.

I suspect maybe your host used an earlier beta version of the Virtualmin 7 install script (it just went stable over the weekend), and there were maybe issues. But, I also know that Rocky 9 is not yet well-tested. Very few people are running Virtualmin on Rocky 9.

So…I agree with you there are (at least) two issues (ProFTPd trying to use a nonexistent group and Webalizer being enabled by default).

As far as I know, we don’t have either of those issues in our test installs, though (but we didn’t start testing on Rocky 9 until very recently, so it may be that earlier versions of the VM7 beta installer did and we didn’t notice).

The ProFTPd issue seems like maybe a package problem. Can you tell me the package version you have?

rpm -q proftpd

I’m wondering if your host installs a third party version from a repo we don’t usually use.

@Joe, yes, it was tested many many times, and I can confirm that clean original installs with Rocky 8 and 9 don’t enable Webalizer and/or pose absolutely no issues. Upgrades GPL to Pro also were tested and work just fine.

Rockey 9 fresh install Virtualmin Pro, Webalizer does not appear to be installed on your system, when it tries to install it, it fails, from the command line I cannot install it

@rremelin Which install script did you use to install Virtualmin Pro? Was it original Rocky 9 system or a converted one?

You should never have had this code exist on Rocky system. What is the output of the following command on your Rocky 9 system:

cat /etc/debian_version || /etc/lsb-release

Thanks for getting back to me, and yes, this is a case where the old script did not do well, I am thinking of installing it, what do I need to do to get a clean uninstall?

This is Rocky and not Debian, so I did this

cat /etc/os-release
NAME="Rocky Linux"
VERSION="9.0 (Blue Onyx)"
ID_LIKE="rhel centos fedora"
PRETTY_NAME="Rocky Linux 9.0 (Blue Onyx)"

That is interesting, you can source it, and read in the values.

I like Rockey so far, and think it will do very well in the future, Alma looks similar, almost identical, but they do have their differences, I think I can rename home, and make a fake home, install from the newest, restore, then move all the files from my lastest home, so I get all the email, and files not in my backup, which are 236 GB of files that are still unloading using rsync, I need to update my script to use parallel uploads, this is too slow, then I will not have these issues, and know I have everything set up the way it should be.


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