Virtulamin on a VirtualBox VM

What are some things that i need to consider/make sure when installing Virtualmin on a VirtualBox VM?

I have a windows dedicated server i run some stuff off of and want to run virtualmin from it as well. Figured installing Ubuntu on a virtual box was easy enough. I have the Network type set to NAT but i am having issues where FTP and SSH randomly stops working.

I have UFW installed and allowing the needed ports.


You should generally set networking to “Bridged” mode, unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.

with NAT or bridged, wouldnt i still need to open the Host OS firewall? Host OS is Windows, the VB VM would be ubuntu.


No, a VPS in bridged mode would appear as a separate system. You would need to route traffic from your router to the VPS ports needed.

Ex. 25 (SMTP), 80 (HTTP), 110 (POP), 143 (IMAP), etc…

When someone goes to your public IP, it’d hit your router, and forward to the private IP of your VPS.

So i use OVH. I opted for windows because i run a game server on it. And wanted to see about installing Virutalmin on a VM in it.

So the OVH dedicated server has a firewall but it is off(not sure if that is a good thing or bad). Would i need to turn it on and allow the needed port there?


Did you get a second IP address assigned by OVH for the VPS?

why would i get a second IP address? the dedicated server has 1 public IP address. im not looking to pay for another IP


Because your VPS needs it’s own IP address.

Think you are getting away from my original point…im not using a VPS im using a Dedicated server. OVH offers VPS and Dedicated systems…the IP is not the issue.

I have a VM up now on the dedicated windows box and Ubuntu is installed. i installed Openssh server. in the VB VM settings, Bridged doesnt connect to the internet, so i have set it to NAT and allowed port 22 out, i can now SSH into the Ubuntu VM.


Without a publically accessible IP address, you won’t be able to FTP into the VPS.

The Dedicated server already has an IP my good sir


You clearly don’t understand how a VPS works, which is what VirtualBox creates.

OVH Offers VPS and Dedicated server. Please educate yourself on the differences.

Dedicated Servers | Bare Metal Servers | OVHcloud <<<(Dedicated)

OVHcloud VPS - Your virtual private server in the cloud | OVHcloud <<<(VPS)

My DEDICATED server has its own Public IP address. That is not the question at hand here.

My dedicated server is accessed from IPMI for the install of the OS. Which i have already done…its running Windows. Has been for months. I run a game server on it.

I have ALSO installed Virtualbox on the Windows DEDICATED server from OVH.


You installed VirtualBox on a dedicated server by OVH. You then proceeded to create a VPS which is what VietualBox does.

The VPS needs a public IP address or a way to receive inbound connections from the public.

Anyways, this topic technically has nothing directly to do with Virtualmin, I was just trying to offer direction.

*** VPS’ are deployed from bare metal aka dedicated servers. ***

Good day!

Sure then i guess by definition i have made a VPS inside my server.

All i have done at this point is install openssh-server and allowed it in UFW.

I can SSH into now, but only if it is NATd…Bridge does not work.

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