Virtuel Server for Webmin


is it possible, to create a virtuel host, which leads to the port 10000, so i can reach the webmin ui under “” ?

Debian-Linux 10
PHP-Version: 7.3.14
Apache-Sever-Version: 2.4.38
Webmin 1.960

Shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but most likely (if you are using Virtualmin as DNS) it’s already available at admin.yourdomain.tld.

I had the same “issue”, you can simply create a virtual host which points the the ui (with the port).
Thats how I did it and it works perfectly fine (with SSL too).

I tried it like in the picture, but didn’t work

Or read my post again, a rewrite for admin.domain already exists. If you don’t host your own DNS just point admin.yourdomain to your IP and you should be set.

i think, that doesn’t work, because i manage only the server. the webadress ist hostet by a bikerfriend on united dom.
Should he change the routing-rules ?

Yes, just make an A record for admin.domain to the servers IP and check if that’s enough.

Create a new vhost and set the domain name for that vhost to the desired one.
Into that vhost you simply place a redirection into the vhost config itself.
That should do the trick.

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