virtualserver does not work after create a new virtual server


I am using Webmin version 1.490 and Virtualmin version 3.73.gpl GPL on ubuntu 9.04.
I have had an virtual server “mpch” ,which worked fine, until I created a new virtualserver “development” .

After creation of new virtualserver “development” the virtualserver “mpch” stoped to work. I can not acceess the installed webapplication which have been installed on mpch…

The new virtualserver “development” is working fine.

I have the following details under Services/ Configure Website:

For mpch:
Document Root: /home/mpch/public_html
Server name:

For development:
Document Root: /home/development/public_html
Server name:

Thanks for any hints…


See here:

Specifically, the section labeled “The Wrong Website Shows Up”. You almost certainly have extraneous or incorrectly configured VirtualHost or NameVirtualHost directives. Probably a “*:80” entry, which rarely makes sense in a virtual hosting configuration.

Thanks. But I still have the same problem. Is there a simple way?