VirtualminPro BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage

I’ve used VirtualminPro to run a Centos server for the past 12 years and have backed up to the Amazon S3 servers using Virtualmin’s scheduled backup ever since Virtualmin developers made it available.

Would it be possible to add in support for BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage ?

It is bucket oriented but is less expensive than S3.

I’ve known about BackBlaze but investigated it last night when I discovered it was built into Akeeba Backup. It worked very well and thought it would be a nice, less expensive Amazon alternative to ask for in the BlueSkies forum.


This would be a great addition. I am in the process of switching to Virtualmin and I currently use B2 for my backup storage (utilizing rclone). It would be awesome to see B2 natively supported and not have to implement work arounds like I did on my last CP.

Welcome to Virtualmin. I started on Webmin, and 12 years ago I discovered how easy it was to use Virtualmin Pro to setup a bulletproof server and have been with them ever since, using Virtualmin Pro on a Centos server.

As the docs mention, it’s best to start with a bank server and run the script to let the Virtualmin script setup the server. That way there are no user errors or omissions.

Out of curiosity, I looked into alternatives but there is nothing that compares IMO.
cPanel may have colorful icons but… I’ll let you do the comparisons.

AmazonS3 works great and really isn’t that expensive to Auto-Backup all my servers.
I just wanted to give B2 a try with Virtualmin, if possible.
I knew about B2, but using Akeeba Backup caused me to revisit B2 when I discovered Akeeba supported it.