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Can you take the new virtualmin into the repo’s (gpl)
Virtualmin 5.99 released

This relase includes many script installer updates, Chroot jail support for SSH and FPM, warnings for expired SSL certs, domain-level SSL certs for Webmin and Dovecot, and numerous other bugfixes and feature improvements.


5.99 is a special beta release for Virtualmin 6; it is not a normal release…so it’s going to be a couple more days before it goes into wide distribution. It has major new features, but also likely has exciting new bugs. If you’re excited to try it and are wanting to be a beta tester, go for it…but, I wouldn’t recommend jumping in for production systems that have to be predictable until we roll it out for everyone (which will probably actually be after the official Virtualmin 6 release after some testing).

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Virtualmin 5.99 released
This relase includes …
You can get the GPL version from the Virtualmin downloads page, or from our YUM and APT repositories.