Virtualmin wrong calculated size in virtualserver

I have a little problem
I gave a 10GB quota limit on my website,
My website this morning is experiencing disk fullness, when I actually checked the total disk used by my website only 7.xx GB, but virtualmin said that the virtual server had exceeded the quota limit. so the website cannot upload files.

Summary ::

  • Quota server = 10 GB
  • Calculated size = 7.2GB
  • Database = 700mb
    Quota use total by virtualmin = 10GB
    For a temporary solution I have increased the quota limit on the virtual server, can you explain why this happened?

Where is the 2gb storage on my virtualserver ?


Hello @good_zy and welcome to the community.

From the screenshot you have provided, I see that you have:

  1. Viewed the stats displayed in Virtualmin -> Edit Virtual Server from which you read ‘…space used by databases: 8 kB…’

  2. Viewed the stats displayed in Virtualmin -> File Manager from which you read ‘… 27 directories: 7.26 GB’.

Additionally, I presume you viewed stats displayed in Virtualmin -> Administration Options -> Disk Usage from which you have ‘… Database = 700mb…’.

There is then a discrepancy between stats reported about size of database at Virtualmin -> Edit Virtual Server and Virtualmin -> Administration Options -> Disk Usage. These stats always agree with each other in a correctly installed Virtualmin system.

You should share more info about your system and how you installed Virtualmin so that we can assist you correct this discrepancy on your system.

Probably zombie files with open handles. Try

lsof -n | grep -i deleted

and see what it comes up with.


Thank you for your reply
Regarding the database, I use a different database name from the one given by virtualmin, so it can’t be read.

when i check disk usage in adminstration option, it looks like the calculation is the same, I still haven’t found the difference.

Thank you

This is safe ? i mean Does the command only delete zombie files?

You are free to create multiple databases and give each one any name of your choice via Virtualmin → Edit Database: Create a new database button. When a database is thus created, Virtualmin automatically links the database to the virtual server under which it is created and is consequently able to calculate and display disk usage stats correctly.

If, however, you have created databases in some other way so that you ‘can use a different name’ or for any other reason then you will have to keep track of your own stats. Virtualmin disk usage stats and limits work perfectly if you use the Virtualmin GUI or CLI for operations.

Edit: Use Virtualmin → Limits and Validation → Check Disk Quotas and then Virtualmin → Limits and Validation → Validate Virtual Servers: Fix permissions tab and pray that these batch operations can fix the stats and limits issue that have been created by your manual operations.

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It won’t delete anything. It will just list open files, in this case zombies (files that have been deleted but not yet released by the processes using them).


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