Virtualmin with vestacp?

Is it possible to use Virtualmin together with VestaCP on the same server? I like both products for different reasons and ideally would run them side-by-side. I tried installing VestaCP on the server with Virtualmin and it basically wiped out the Virtualmin installation. If I reinstall Virtualmin, will it wipe out VestaCP? Is there a way to get them working on the same server?


While I hadn’t tried VestaCP before, there really aren’t any control panels I’m familiar with that work well side-by-side on the same server. They tend to do things in different ways, and end up stepping on each other’s toes in the process.

You can certainly try it, if you have backups, but there’s a good chance that won’t end up working out. Sorry!


Like Eric said it will not work. Actually i dont know any control panel that plays nice with some other control panel. Second, why would you use VestaCP? This control panel was hit last month by nasty zero day exploit and still unsure if devs properly patched this exploit. But this is not all as there are several other exploits what are more or less on the same level as already mentioned one. VestaCP is dead project for quite some time with no frequent updates so you should rethink if you really want to continue to use this control panel.

I did like vestacp but ispconfig is much better.
As already said, running two cp on same server is going to be like two operating systems on same computer without dual booting…very problematic.