Virtualmin with Apache 2.4 ("invalid command 'allow'")

How do I configure an existing installation of Virtualmin to work property with Apache 2.4? It seems to be using Apache configuration syntax that is no longer valid with the new version of Apache. Specifically, I’m getting the error “Invalid command ‘allow’” because when I add a proxy website, Virtualmin is using the deprecated “allow from all” command.

I’m using Apache 2.4.1 and Virtualmin 3.90.GPL.


Can you give it a try with the most recent Webmin and Virtualmin versions?

That Virtualmin version was released about 10 months ago, so it’s possible the newer versions of each of those work better with the new Apache version.

If not, we’ll get Jamie involved to see what needs to be done to get that resolved.


Ok, I upgraded to Webmin 1.610 and Virtualmin 3.96.gpl and deleted and re-added the proxy website and it did the same thing.

The problem is that it’s adding this to the Apache configuration file:

<Proxy *>

allow from all


But that syntax is no longer valid with Apache 2.4 (specifically we’re using 2.4.1). It should be using “Require all granted” instead of “allow from all”. Is there a template I can edit somewhere to change the code that it adds when adding a proxy website?

Thanks for trying the newer Webmin and Virtualmin versions! The next step is to get Jamie involved. He’ll be able to determine how best to resolve that. I’ll ask him for his input.



Okay, Jamie has added this to his todo list, though it may be a few versions before it’s added in.

Virtualmin doesn’t officially support any distro that includes Apache 2.4, and there’s some work that’ll need to be done before Apache 2.4 can be fully supported.

Unfortunately, it looks like fixing that requires changing the actual code, I don’t believe there’s any sort of template for making those updates.