Virtualmin + WHMCS Hosting ordering (Front-end problems)


As last resort I am writing this topic to hopefully catch attention of someone who had similar issues. I am using WHMCS + Virtualmin to sell hosting but once someone orders a hosting plan, under products they have a link to Virtualmin (which is the server IP). Now, I don’t want it to lead to Virtualmin/Webmin but to make them be able to control the server, WordPress, file manager and all that right from the WHMCS front-end.

WHMCS offers no options to control this, Virtualmin offers hosting package / plan controls and options but none of those display on front-end. What should I do?

Thanks a lot!

WHMCS doesnt have built in front end for managing virtualmin. Two totally separate companies/products. WHMCS is a billing manger. Virtualmin is a domain manager, Webmin is a server manager. WHMCS does talk to virtulamin to setup services and get server stats. But thats it.

I think there isnt a module for WHMCS for what you need, so you have two options:

  1. Pay someone to make a custom WHMCS module
  2. Leave as it is. Even so popular combination cPanel + WHMCS doesnt have this option “out of the box”.

More or less this are the only options you have.