Virtualmin when used in a NATed environment

What settings should I alter in a fresh install of Virtualmin when used in a NATed environment with Active Directory?

I need to run several internal webapps (Moodle & Joomla) and I would like to use Virtualmin to host them. I already have an internal DNS system running and I’m not sure how Virtualmin should interact with it. I also allow access to the webapps from the Internet via port forwarding on my router (pfSense).

Should/Can I disable the DNS functionality that is built into Virtualmin?

Also, could I use the mail server on the Virtualmin box to replace my current internal mailserver (used only for sending mail out to the Internet from internal hosts like the phone system and copiers. We use Google Apps for our email provider).

How should I deal with DNS in this situation?


You are welcome to disable DNS if you like, it’s not necessary to use that if you already have DNS setup elsewhere.

If you do that, just be sure to disable the DNS feature ins System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

Same with email – if you wish to host email elsewhere, no problem, just disable that as well in the Features and Plugins screen.