Virtualmin & Website won't load, all services running

My server crashed unexpectedly earlier today while testing a script that works with large images and has stopped responding to all website requests. It’s an EC2, CentOS 7 install with Webmin & Virtualmin installed and was previously working well at a proper FQDN, etc.

I am no longer able to bring up the website it serves, or the *Min admin panel located at :10000. I can SSH in and commands work as expected, nothing excessive shows in top. Using systemctl status I can see that webmin httpd & mariadb services are all running.

Using systemctl restart webmin, or /etc/intit.d/webmin restart does not bring the admin panel back up. I have looked at miniserv.log and miniserv.error and can’t see any related errors. The /home/user/logs/error_log for the main virtualmin domain show old errors saying they were unable to connect to the database, but this is contrary to the output of systemctl status mariadb.

I’ve rebooted the system a couple of times to no avail, does anyone have any further advice before I resort to rebuilding the system?

I am only a newbie…but i have 3 comments that are very basic ones.

  1. The most obvious, is your dns still resolving and correct ports accessibe ? (Have you performed an nslookup and port scan?

  2. If ec2, you have a clone/snapshot that you can restore from yes?

  3. This is a static ip yes? Or has aws changed your ip address when you shutdown and restarted?

is it feasable to spin up another cloned instance and then delete this one? (Reassigning static external ipadress after deleting old instance)