Virtualmin, Webmin, UserMin, CluodMin ... etc

Please what is the differences in between?
Also if I am running only 2 or 3 websites in the same hosted VPS, which one is advised to be used?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You want to use the script which will install webmin and virtualmin for you.
You can find it under menubutton downloads. Start with the GPL version.

Sorry if I am asking silly questions, but what are the differences in between so I can understand and know the differences?
Also which one is more light and less consuming resources?

webmin is for managing the server
virtualmin is a module for webmin and is used to manage webhosting
usermin is a module for webmin and is used to manage the users email (webmail)
Cloudmin is used if you host VPS on one or more boxes.

Thanks a lot, it seems that I will go for it on centos and get step by step.

that sounds like a plan :smiley:

In addition to what ronald correctly said: The Virtualmin installer automatically installs Webmin and Usermin - along with all packages required (i.e. the software it configures). So it is highly recommended to use the installer on a freshly set up grade-a supported OS. Donโ€™t install any hosting software packages manually (aside from the obvious SSH server and stuff) before you run the installer.

Ok, I will have a one click install for CentOS 6 32x and do an uprade, and update, then do the auto maticinstall :slight_smile: