Virtualmin/Webmin does not detect running BIND

I’ve upgraded from debian lenny to squeeze. As expected I ran into a couple of issues but the overall upgrade went smooth.

The only minor issue I still seem to have now is Virtualmin not recognizing the running named process. When I click the “start BIND” button in Virtualmin, the named process is started, but Virtualmin still shows the “start BIND” button. If I click it again, another named process is started, etc…
The configuration check tells me BIND is installed and configured. The logs give no errors when starting BIND.

I can’t think of any related changes I’ve made, except from changing permissions on /etc/bind/rndc.key

Any pointers to what the problem could be?

You might want to check the module configuration of the Webmin BIND module, namely the location of the PID file under “System configuration”. Make sure the actual location is included in the list of names there.

It’s quite possible that the distro upgrade changed the location of the PID file, causing Webmin to no longer find it and think BIND is not running.

Indeed, the pid location changed from /var/run/ to /var/run/named/

Thanks for the help!