Virtualmin/Webmin Consultant Needed (work can be done remotely)

Hi I’m looking for expert support services dealing with Virtualmin/Webmin. Please provide me with your contact details so we get get in touch and no I am not looking for free help. We don’t need anyone to come onsite, this all can be done remotely and I am based on the east coast USA. We are using RHEL 6.5 and FreeBSD 8.0.

Thank you.

I received your Skype add request! Please let me know on Skype what kind of help you need, then I can tell you if it falls within my area of expertise.

If it’s rather specific to RHEL and FreeBSD, I might have to pass, since I only have experience with Ubuntu/Debian, and use FreeBSD only in form of a router distro named pfSense. But anyway, feel free to tell me what it’s about.

There aren’t many people that use FreeBSD as a hosting OS here or even play with as far as I know. There might be a very small handful of people that use it here. I think this might be the 3rd person to ask for FreeBSD help in 3-4 years.

The main distros used here are Centos/RH/Debian and Ubuntu.

I would suggest posting the actual problem with FreeBSD here so that we don’t waste your time/money or ours. If someone here can help they will reply.

99% of us techies here can help with any of the RH issues.


Drop me a line if you’re still needing assistance.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

Phone: 604-229-0715 (new)
Skype: tpnsupport

Good Day,

I am looking for assistance with initial configuration of the server. I have a fresh installation on Ubuntu 14.04. Needed:

  1. Initial Configuration and any normal security steps
  2. Setup as a name server?
  3. Quick how to on using the system

I am a startup so funds are extremely limited. Pro Bono work is of course accepted but compensation for this can be discussed. I can be reached at

Thank You

Howdy northrich – you may actually want to start a new thread for your request. Feel free to start one in the Jobs forum here.