Virtualmin web site OS Support, is this up to date?

I’s currently running Centos 7 and doing test deployment with Vultr High Frequency Centos 8 Stream
Looking at supported OS, it says 8, does that include Stream?
Virtualmin OS Support – Virtualmin is this up to date?
I did one test and seem to install ok including restore of my current setup.


I can confirm that the Virtualmin documentation is up-to-date for the newest available version of Virtualmin; as it has always been.

So Centos 8 Stream not supported.


CentOS Stream may never be supported. It is very difficult to support a moving target, and we just don’t have human resources to try to track it at this point. We might give it a try once Virtualmin 7 is out.

We currently recommend installing with CentOS 8 and converting to either Alma or Rocky after Virtualmin is up and running.

Thanks, Vultr doesn’t have Centos 8, only the stream version. Just thought, I can upload a centos 8 ISO and do install using that. On that, if I install a clean Alma and using backup and restore with Virtualmin will it work ok? Or do I need to convert?


Any idea where I can download a centos 8 iso, is no longer hosting it.


can we install rocky first or does it have to be cent8? will virt 7 allow a direct install of rocky instead of the centos 8 step?

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As I’ve said in many threads, Virtualmin 7 will support Alma and Rocky directly. And, no, I won’t tell you when Virtualmin 7 will be ready, but it’s soon.

i now there’s no firm release date…that wasn’t something even intimated in my question.

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All the links go to 404 Not Found

I just talked to a friend down at GT (Georgia Institute of Technology). He said they had to remove it because they’ve shut down the repositories for it. It no longer updates or anything so they had to trash it all.

Just go with 7-2009 and move to Rocky or Alma from there.

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for now i use almalinux 8 official iso and this “unofficial” workaround :slight_smile:

dnf update -y

dnf -y install wget nano
wget -O



chmod a+x


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