Virtualmin VS CWPro

Hi, I have a vps with Centos Webpanel and I would like to go to Virtulamin but I don’t know if it can be done without the need to delete the vps, since the vps is in production and I have 15 clients working on it with about 54 email accounts and several websites .
Anyone a tester to use Virtualmin while already in a different panel?

You’ll need to start on a fresh OS install. It’s definitely not gonna go smoothly to install Virtualmin over any other panel. There are just too many ways things can be done in slightly (or significantly, in some cases) different ways.

Yes absolutely…i have had both virtualmin and centos web panel instances…you have to migrate to a fresh virtualmin install.
Cwp is a terrible platform…the most unreliable i have ever used. So mamy rhings on it dont work properly (or not at all). The developers are clueless to be honest…absolutely clueless