Virtualmin vs cPanel

Several years in Hosting Business, I saw Virtualmin more mature, compare to other panel like Kloxo, Zpanel and ISPcongfig then Virtualmin has more advantage, especially the Security very2 good as well as cPanel.

But Virtualmin needs to improve several things:

  1. PHPMyAdmin:

In cPanel PHPMyAdmin already installed and can accessed through cPanel, while Virtualmin allow user without logged (guest) access directly to http://server-domain-name/phpmyadmin. So, Virtualmin should install PHPMyAdmin automatically during first installation and user must be login to Virtualmin to access this PHPMyAdmin.

  1. Disable/Hide Webmin

When you logged in using Virtualmin account then there is no reason to show Webmin tab. Just hide it like cPanel hide the WHM UI. Some feature, like File Manager shoudl be moved to Virtualmin section

Only above 2 things then Virtualmin will be the best Hosting Panel.

NOTE: Virtualmin is very2 good but the User Interface (all above suggestion about UI) must be manage well!


Hi all,

I hope you won’t be listened to…
I definitely don’t agree with this request (ie disabling (hiding ?) and integrating phpmyadmin into virtualmin)… The strength of Virtualmin is that it is still “light” and it does NOT interfere with the server as PLESK would do for instance (that said, i don’t know how cpanel or zpanel work)…

I’m currently working on a server which plesk panel is broken (in that particular case, for some reason, i cannot acces this server via SSH and i can’t access phpmyadmin neither (which is implemented into the core of that broken plesk… just as your are suggesting)… To me it makes sense that Phpmyadmin has to be and remain definitely outside of Virtualmin



We appreciate everyone’s input! We like hearing how folks want to use Virtualmin.

Although it’s not as featureful as phpMyAdmin, you can access some database management functions by logging into Virtualmin, and going into Edit Databases.

In there, it’s possible to view/modify table tables and their content, generate database backups, execute queries, and the like.

We’re not currently planning to require logging into Virtualmin in order to access phpMyAdmin. One issue here is that Virtualmin is able to create users with access to the database, but not access to Virtualmin.

But that’s something you could setup if you like!

You could do something like the following:

  • Install phpMyAdmin onto a domain on your server

  • Go into Virtualmin -> System Customization -> Custom Links -> Add new custom link, and create a link to that phpMyAdmin installation. That will allow Virtualmin users to click that link, and access phpMyAdmin

  • Then, create a .htaccess file guarding your phpMyAdmin setup, requiring a “REFERRER” header that’s coming from your Virtualmin installation.

A determined intruder could fake a referrer header, but a random user or bot on the Internet is going to have no idea that things aren’t working due to that header.

You could further secure it by picking a difficult to guess directory name to store phpMyAdmin in.