Virtualmin virtual-server module version 6.00 released

Howdy all,

I have rolled out version 6,00 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module to all repos. This mostly a bugfix release, including fixes to bugs found during the beta 5.99 release. The final pieces of Virtualmin 6, the installer, virtualmin-config package, and libraries, will be moved into place later today for a “soft launch” of Virtualmin 6 (it’ll be another day before the docs are fully updated to cover the new stuff).

Changes since 5.99:

  • Removed support for Qmail+LDAP as a mail server.
  • Unexpected server processes running as domain users are now detected and included in the validation report, and can optionally be automatically terminated.
  • Added support for using clamdscan for remote virus scanning, so that clamd-stream-client doesn’t need to be installed.

As always, please let us know about any bugs or problems you may find.



Can’t see the update on Debian 8 :frowning:

Oh, you’re right. I missed a step. Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up! (Repo management is more automated for the VM6 repositories, so this won’t happen again.)

Created virtual server in virtualmin but SMTP not working neither DKIM installing.
It says no such package available.

Pl help.

There appears to be built-in support for Centos 7 with both PHP versions 5.4.16 (native), and 7.0.10 and PHP-FPM using Epel repo.
This looks like it will provide a clean path for high-performance that has become the compelling server platform.


Hello Joe, thank you for a great software. We really love it, and appreciate it greatly. However, recent update broke the email system. And I swear, it really broke it. I have about 3 VPSes and they’re all failing. If you would like, I can privately send you login details so you can check for yourself. I’d actually like that just so you know.

And I actually have lot more to say, like how FirewallD starts upon boot but it’s configured to allow only, and only ssh…, I mean, we can’t even log in to VirtualMin after we install it and reboot. Maybe the reboot isn’t necessary, but still. Oh, and NGINX isn’t even installed when you choose to install LEMP stack using the installer script…

Perhaps removing QMail+LDAP as a mail server was a bad idea…?

I’ve been using VirtualMin for a while, and I really never looked elsewhere. But this recent update forced me to look elsewhere for quick solution and I had to go with CWP.

Man, I’m being forced to lose my emails…