Virtualmin virtual-server module version 5.05 released

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled out version 5.05 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module for all repos.

Changes since 5.04:

  • Updated the Moodle script installer to version 2.9.8 and 3.1.3, Piwik to 2.17.1, Drupal to 8.2.3 and 7.52, osTicket to 1.9.15, Rainloop to, phpMyAdmin to 4.6.4, and, Wordpress to 4.6.1, Joomla to 3.6.4, MediaWiki to 1.27.1, ZenPhoto to 1.4.13, eGroupware to 16.1.20161006, Mantis to 1.3.3, Magento to 2.1.2, Node.JS to 7.1.0, Typo3 to 6.2.28, IONcube to 6.0.6, FengOffice to, ownCloud to 9.1.1, SMF to 2.0.12, Roundcube to 1.2.2, MoinMoin to 1.9.9, Revive Adserver to 4.0.0, Ghost to 0.11.3, and Pydio to 6.4.2.
  • Added a script installer for Nextcloud 10.0.1, a fork of ownCloud.
  • When using DNSSEC, the DS records that need to be created at your registrar are now displayed on the DNS Options page. If the parent domain is hosted by Virtualmin, the DS records will be added automatically.
  • The number of top-level virtual servers a reseller is allowed to create can now be limited.
  • Virtualmin can now generate TLSA DNS records for DANE SSL certificate verification, which (when combined with DNSSEC) provide additional assurance to clients that they are connecting to the correct webserver.
  • When a Let’s Encrypt certificate is automatically renewed, the new cert will be copied to servers like Postfix, Dovecot and Webmin that were using the old version.
  • Added configuration options to allow domain owners to see overall system statistics, and run validation on their domains.

As always, holler at us in the ticket tracker if you find any bugs.