Virtualmin virtual-server module 6.15 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 6.15 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module for all repos.

Changes since 6.14:

  • Consolidated all PHP options into a single page, and moved website options to it’s own page in the UI.
  • SSL certificates can now be generated and managed for virtual servers even when they don’t have the SSL feature enabled.
  • Added the Cloud DNS Providers page, for configuring Virtualmin to use Route53 to host DNS rather than doing it locally.

This also fixes the bug that causes Let’s Encrypt renewals to fail (I think/hope!). Also, how cool is Route53 support? Jamie just whipped that up like it was nothing. He don’t miss.



Very cool, good work guys!
I saw some old talk about CloudFlare also, but this was years ago. Any thoughts on adding different providers down the line?

Currently I use a hidden master setup that pushes zones to either or Hetzner via BIND options which also works well although it’s a bit more manual :slight_smile:

CloudFlare is plausible at some point. But, Route53 is the one I actually use for my work and several other projects, so it’s the one I was comfortable saying we could support.

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Fair enough, stick with what you know. I’m just afraid of runaway costs with Amazon…

Route53 is $1 per zone, and effectively free per query. Unless you run a really busy site, it’s a couple of bucks a month per domain. Of course, if you have a lot of domains/zones, it adds up.

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Ok, so not the end of the world. I have around 50 zones so the domains are more costly anyway :slight_smile:
But my scenario fits nicely with HE since they have 50 zones free, for the sites that need some anycast DNS, while I use Hetzner for those that have primary audience in Europe anyway.


AnyCast is the hard part of doing it yourself (effectively impossible for anyone on a budget smaller than that of major corporations), and a really good reason to outsource (and we plan to move our zones into Route53 now that it’s supported…we eat our own dog food, so as far as I was concerned we had to host our own DNS until such time as it was manageable by Virtualmin hosted somewhere else!).

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AWS Route53 support would be awesome to have. Thanks @JamieCameron and the rest of the Virtualmin team!

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Thanks you for your efforts. I just came here now to check for updates as I’m manually renewing SSLs on a daily basis!

Please can I ask… do you know about the root SSL issue too? I don’t know if it’s the same issue. I mentioned it in the SSL thread but I don’t know if it’s addressed and whether to start a new ticket. The issue is I also have to manually upload the CA very often. Even possibly after renewal again as I’ve had to do it twice for one domain. The LetsEncrypt root SSL is not added automatically so some services fail when connecting, like Gmail.

If you don’t know about it I’ll start a new thread! Thanks!

Edit: I’ve just seen the other release announcement and it’s mentioned in there! Hopefully that’s it. Great job thanks!

It is all sorted out with Webmin 1.973 and Virtualmin 6.15 releases.

These are really good improvements, thank you.

And if Google Cloud DNS could be added to Cloud DNS services, it would be even more awesome.

Yes, now that we’ve done the framework to support external DNS providers, Google and Cloudflare shouldn’t be hard to add.


Own DNS servers recipe:

3 cheap vps
1 - with webmin/cloudmin
2 - with webmin/bind

And you can have as many zones as you want.

Maybe better way is to integrate all VM plans and maybe GPL with “free cloudmin”?

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Hi everybody,

Did anyone manage to update to Virtualmin-server 6.15 on a Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS? I don’t see any updates when I do an apt update && apt upgrade and am still on 6.14 (and having to upgrade Let’s Encrypt certs by hand…)

Any tips appreciated.


And you’re not going to. You can go from 18.04 to 20.04, but not from 16.04.

You have to upgrade to 18.04 first.

6.14 is the version of Virtualmin I have, the issue has absolutely nothing to do with Ubuntu 16.04.

My mistake. I thought you said you were stuck on 16.04. I missed the 1.

I always update Virtualmin through Virtualmin, not the console.

I edited my post to make it more clear :slight_smile:

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The initial feature request for CloudFlare came from me many years ago, primarily because they’re consistently the fastest in the world and they are essentially free.

Compare for yourself:

As of this writing, Cloudflare ranks 2/63 in world rankings, while Route53 ranks 23/63 in world rankings.

There are other DNS speed checking websites and they say the same thing, feel free to check your favourite DNS provider you’ll see CloudFlare will likely beat them.

DNS speed matters and so does price, IMHO CloudFlare should be the first to be supported.


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I think the only reason they went with Route53 first is because they use Amazon Servers.