Virtualmin virtual-server module 3.80, awstats 4.4, and theme 7.8

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled out version 3.80 of Virtualmin virtual-server module, as well as 4.4 of virtualmin-awstats, and 7.8 of virtual-server-theme.

Changes since 3.79:

  • Updated the ZenCart script installer to version 1.3.9e, Coppermine to 1.5.8, MoinMoin to 1.8.8, Moodle to 1.9.9, Magento to, Trac to 0.12, Z-Push to 1.4, WordPress to 3.0.1, SugarCRM to 6.0.0, Piwik to 0.9, Simple Invoices to 2010.2-update1, Bugzilla to 3.6.2, Radiant to 0.9.1, phpMyFAQ to 2.6.7, phpMyAdmin 3.3.5, Redmine to 1.0.0, CMS Made Simple to 1.8.1, PHPList to 2.11.5, Joomla to 1.5.20, Instiki to 0.18.1, Squirrelmail to 1.4.21, Typo to 5.5, MediaWiki to 1.16.0, Mantis to 1.2.2, RoundCube to 0.4, phpBB to 3.0.7-PL1, ZenPhoto to 1.3.1, and TikiWiki to 4.3.
  • Alias domain DNS records are now copied from the target domain at creation time, rather than being created from the selected template.
  • S3 backups can now be use the new reduced redundancy storage option, which is cheaper but less reliable.
  • Internationalized domain names are no longer converted to UTF-8 for output from API commands, to avoid the perl “wide character in print” warning.
  • The interval between bandwidth monitoring cron job runs can now be configured.

The awstats and theme releases are bugfix releases with no significant changes.

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know in the ticket tracker.

BTW-I’m on the Alaska Highway for the next few days, so will be a bit less connected than usual. Eric is around, and Jamie (who I think is still in Malaysia) is mostly well-connected, as well. (Also, if anyone is in Anchorage or Fairbanks, let me know, it’d be awesome to say hi and grab a beer while I’m there.)

Have fun “out there”, eh?