Virtualmin virtual-server module 3.75 and security-updates 3.9

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled out Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.75 and the security-updates module 3.9. The latter is a bugfix release with no major changes.

Changes in virtual-server since 3.74:

  • Updated the phpMyAdmin script installer to versions 3.2.3 and, OpenX to 2.8.2, PiWik to 0.4.5, Moodle to 1.9.6, WordPress to 2.8.5, Typo3 to 4.2.10, SugarCRM to 5.2.0k, TikiWiki to 3.3, WordPress MU to, Redmine to 0.8.6, Joomla to 1.5.15, Zikula to 1.2.0, Bugzilla to 3.4.3, and Plans to 8.1.6.
  • Added a domain owner level capability restriction to prevent editing of external IP addresses.
  • When a sub-server is converted to a top-level server, files from /etc/skel are copied into its home directory.
  • When a virtual server is disabled, all extra admin logins are disabled too.
  • When a mailbox user is deleted, his Dovecot index and control files are removed too in order to avoid clashes with future users with the same name.
  • Added a Module Config setting to make collection of all available packages optional.
  • Added the list-php-ini API command for fetching PHP settings from one or more domains.
  • Added a logrotate template-level option for additional files to rotate for new domains.
  • When restoring a virtual server with a php.ini file whose extension directory is incorrect, fix it to match this system if possible.
  • Added the import-database API command, for associating an existing un-owned database with a domain.
  • The Manage SSL Certificate page can now be used to copy a domain’s cert and key to Dovecot or Postfix.
  • Script version upgrades that are completely un-supported (like Jooma 1.0 to 1.5) are now no longer displayed in Virtualmin.
  • Concurrent backups to the same destination are now no longer allowed, due to the potential for corruption and odd partial failures.
  • Added a Module Config option to always show output from pre and post virtual server creation commands.

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know in the ticket tracker.

Are you sure the “repo” got updated correctly?

3.75 is not showing up when doing “yum check-update” or through “virtualmin gpl” for that matter.

Well, rather than waiting for the repodata to be corrected on the Virtualmin servers, I decided to download a copy of the repo RPM’s to a local mirror and create my own repo. I’ll simply rsync the data every week and then apply changes directly from my own repo therefore not relying directly on the repodata being correct on Virtualmin’s website which seems to have been broken over the past two releases consistently.

No offense Joe.

Did not find a note about webmin-virtual-server 3.76 which is listed as Paketupdate in my Virtualmin system. Can you point me to a description of changes please?

If there’s no forum posting about the new update, there’s other places where the changes are located. You can read about those here: