Virtualmin versions not sync on Ubuntu 12.04.4 and Ubuntu 14.04.1?


I’m running Virtualmin on both Ubuntu versions and noticed that they have different versions of VM.

On Ubuntu 12.04.4, it’s running

  • Webmin version 1.730
  • Virtualmin version 4.13.gpl GPL

On Ubuntu 14.04.1, it’s running

  • Webmin version 1.701 (older?)
  • Virtualmin version 4.10.gpl GPL (older?)

I’d been trying to figure out how to update to latest version as per Ubuntu 12.04.4 but found that the packages on 14.04.1 are already the ‘latest’ version.

Please advise.


Do you have the Virtualmin repo setup on your server correctly? The latest version of both Webmin and Virtualmin should work on both OS versions without issue.

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I get a few odd things on Ubuntu as well. But if the install all went right things like this should not happen, it might be something to do with your server provider.

It’s weird. I’d used the for all my servers and this one doesn’t have the repo

I’d added the lines below to sources.list and it’s showing the updates now

deb virtualmin-trusty main
deb virtualmin-universal main

This server is on AWS EC2