Virtualmin Validation Failed


CentOS 7
Virtualmin GPL

I get Virtualmin validation check errors emailed to me daily, I’ve been getting the following every day for one of the top-level virtual servers I’ve set up:


Virtualmin Validation

Home directory : Sub-directory public_html under home directory is owned by instead of mydomain

That’s it, and there is nothing between ‘by’ and ‘instead’

I must have screwed something up somewhere, any clues?


Who is the owner of that particular directory?


Thank you, I’ll try and establish that once I regain access to Virtualmin - I’m about to post on that issue now.

Unfortunately I do not know how to find out the owner of a directory. I’ll see if Google can help.

I assume the directory would be /home/mydomain/public_html

Using SSH command ls -al

the output for /home/mydomain/public_html is:

drwxr-xr-x 16 1260 1248 20480 Sep 1 08:59 public_html

comparing this with another virtual server, it’s evident that the owner name and group are incorrect.

From what I’ve read this command made within the ‘mydomain’ directory

chown mydomain:mydomain public_html/

will change the owner and group of the /home/mydomain/public_html folder.

I would appreciate confirmation of this. A further concern is why the name and group are 1260:1248 in the first place and if there are any additional implications of this?