Virtualmin users/domains and LDAP

I would like to configure our Virtualmin server to use LDAP for authentication but the (outdated) documentation I have found on this doesn’t seem to cover a couple of key points. I am presuming there is no support for Active Directory in virtualmin, right?

When I’m creating a new vmin user/domain either via the web UI or using the cli, I have to specify the domain name and also choose the server template and account plan to use for the new user/domain. How does this work when new users authenticate via LDAP? Most of our users will be using the same template and account plan and the domain name is based upon their username so hopefully there is a way to set the defaults for new LDAP users?

It would also be handy to have our virtualmin server configured so that old users/domains/home directories are removed when they are removed from LDAP. Is this possible or would I have to write a script to remove the home directories of ex-users?

Finally, is the following link the most complete and current documentation for configuring vmin for LDAP? It is flagged as being outdated but hopefully most of it is still correct?

I cannot understand why there doesn’t seem to be any options to set the server template, account plan and domain suffix/prefix for new LDAP users in virtualmin? Is nobody using LDAP with vitualmin currently?

It seems you’d have have to create and remove domains/users manually or with a script so if I’m doing that then I probably won’t be using virtualmins integrated LDAP support but rather using a custom python LDAP script to handle the creation and removal of domains and users via a cron job or systemd timer checking for new or removed users against our AD/LDAP server.