Virtualmin users cannot login


Suddenly the virtualmin users cannot login! Virtualmin administrator and resellers can login, only users cannot. After writing login and password the page stops to load with an error asking to if the user wants to see unsecure items. I have the latest versions installed, I think this occured after the last update. Any idea how to solve this problem, I couldn’t found any interesting information on the webmin log.

Thanks in advance for any help.

OS: Centos 5.1

the popup with the unsecure message is quite normal for IE browser.
hit yes and login will happen, at least on my server after the recent updates.

Firefox doesn’t have such warning on my system at least.

I also have CentOS, I dont think it’s related to any VM updates but browser related.

Thanks for your answer.

You are correct. Only on IE the problem, but still after replying yes on popup, there is an error and nothing appears… I don’t think I can manage to put all my customers to work with firefox ;-). Even though I regret that…

Do you think there is any config on IE7 to solve this?