Virtualmin username

We use Virtualmin installed on Ubuntu 12.04. We migrated it about 3 years ago from a system running Ubuntu 10.04 and ever since then new users are created as “username.domain” rather than how the old users were created “username@domain”.

Now we are coming to migration to a google apps for business account, which can log into an IMAP server but it can only use email address usernames in the “username@domain” format.

I have seen this thread ( which shows me how to change the settings of our mail server so that new users are created with “username@domain” but I was wondering if there is any way to batch convert all the existing “username.domain” users into “username@domain” ones easily?

These are the settings I have tried so far:

System Settings -> Server Template -> Default -> Mail for Domain, and change “Format for usernames that include domain” to “user@domain”

System Settings ->Virtualmin Configuration -> Default for new domains : Domain name style in username.

Server Configuration -> Change Domain Name : Change mailbox name suffix. (changed to domain.tld)


Sorry, there unfortunately isn’t a simple way to convert existing users from one format to another.

Once they’re created they keep that username format.

Though one workaround to that which I think would work, is to generate a backup of a Virtual Server that contains usernames in the old format, and then to restore that backup.

Restoring that backup should cause the usernames to be created with the new format.


Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I will see if we can attempt what you suggest though I may have to do it from another server as I do not wish to risk my live user accounts in the middle of a migration if it all goes wrong =)


Also you say there is no “simple” way to do this. Is there a manual method, the user list is small enough that I could walk through them manually and convert from one type to another if that was simpler than trying the backup/restore route (which presumably is untested as of yet).

THanks For sharing infomation