Virtualmin, Usermin. Email filtering.

How does it work?
I have tried to ask in usermin forum, but nobody replies.

I have Virtualmin 3.46 pro.

I am trying to make some mail filters.

role 1:
[ol][li]Condition for filter:[/li]
[li]Based on header : From must match[/li]
[li]Action if condition is matched:[/li]
[li]Save to folder: Other file… $HOME/Maildir/.hotmail/[/li][/ol]

But the filter does not do anything.

What have I done wrong?

It is a Virtalmin pro 3.46 and Usermin 1.290

How do I make a role filter "@domain.tld" to at folder? Or should I add every mailadress the folder?

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Is am the only one, having is problem?

Please help.


It’s pretty quiet here.

Has somebody testet it, or are noboby using this options.

It will be nice if I could make filtering on the server, instead of local email rules.

Could somebody test it, and give me some respond.


Same problem here

I guess you lost me here. Are you trying to setup the filter in ProcMail?

Typically you log in to Usermin, create a destination folder then create a filter (within usermin) to redirect the mail to that folder (actually I see you can have the new filter create the folder).

You can make the domain an action condition but then it may accept all the spam@hotmail bypassing the spam filter.

Hope that helps,

It is exactly what I want.

But it is not working for me. Does it work for you?


Use the force, Luke Skywalker…

Trust Usermin to create the appropriately named file. Usermin is the customers web client and designed for the common user, ProcMail is for us Hacks :wink:

Just "save to folder named ’ hotmail’ "

Oh… Damn…
I does’t have the force…

Sorry. But it why I have posted this post.
I can not get it to work, and I am tailing the log to look after error, but nothing where.
I don’t think procmail are using the config typed in usermin.


Me too.

I use the usermin fron-end and see that the maildir file is created but procmail seems to ignore the settings.
The .procmailrc file exists in ./homes/[username]/.procmailr

and contains


  • Subject: haha

looks good to me…

Found the solution…

Allow mailbox users to configure procmail? should be set to yes in the spam filter options module config of the server.

Sorry, my error.

After using a yahoo and hotmail test account I realized the mails that did forward to folders were also sent from local accounts. Emails coming from the real world get delivered to the inbox ignoring the rule set.

I use sendmail mbox so the results are cross platform. I couldn’t find any switch or config that needs to be set to enable the forwarding so best to send this off as a possible bug.

Thansk you.

I’ll be testing it NOW!


It’s correct.
The ruleset are not used.

So back from the begining.

Still not working.

Joe? Are you where? Now is a good time to help :slight_smile:
I know you are somewhere out there in cyberspace :slight_smile:


Joe !
Where are you?

Please help me.
Is it my install, or is it a bug?


Can’t find a setting called “Allow mailbox users to configure procmail?”. Can you say how to navigate to it?

Under Virtualmin

System settings
Module configuration
Spam filtering options

There you have "Allow mailbox users to configure procmail?"
By default is it on.

But see if you have more luck, I haven’t figured it out yet.
And I hope Joe will test it also. But he is at busy man, I understand.


From testing, I’ve determined that procmail processes the string you specify as though it were the beginning of a string. In other words, if you say subject matches foo, this should match “foo”, “foobar”, “foo and bar”, etc., bot not “this is foo bar”. Procmail interprets regular expressions. so .*foo would match any string with “foo” in it (since it seems that this gets processed as if it were .foo. ).

So try making your filter match string .* (or .* if, for example,you want to just catch mail to joe). See if this works for you. This notation might be necessary if procmail is looking at the whole header and thinking that “” doesn’t match something like, say, ’ “John Smith” <> ’

Virtualmin basically rocks, but the interfaces available to manage mail filters are awful. Nothing you could expect a normal user to successfully work with. I’d love to see something easy to use like Horde’s Ingo module.



Thank you for you help.

Peter Vedstesen