Virtualmin Updates license Problem

I renewed my license but it is not updated in my system. Order number=7406


I see your order… it looks like you purchased a Virtualmin 250 renewal.

However, when I review your account, it looks like you have a Virtualmin 100 and a Virtualmin 50 license.

Did you perhaps have a Virtualmin 250 license under a different account?

Or are you hoping to upgrade one of your licenses?


Right now i have 100 domain license, might be it will increase soon. Because of this I choose license for 250 domains. Now my virtualmin license is expired. I want to renew the license and want to use it for 250 domains. Please renew the license with this order number


I added a couple of days to your license while we sort this out, so your license is no longer listed as expired.

The Virtualmin 250 renewal doesn’t actually upgrade your license… so you really only need a Virtualmin 100 renewal.

If you’d wish, I can certainly extend your license using the Virtualmin 250 you purchased, but there isn’t a benefit to buying the Virtualmin 250 renewal when you have a Virtualmin 100.

If you wanted, you could instead purchase a Virtualmin 100, and we can refund you the purchase price of the Virtualmin 250.

Let us know how you’d like to proceed… thanks!


In that case please renew for 100 domains.

Please arrange some reduction on next payment. Already I paid extra amount

It’s unfortunately not possible to have a reduction on your next payment… we don’t have a good system for providing one-time discounts.

Instead, would you like three extra months added to the end of your renewal? That’s roughly the difference in price that you paid.

Alternatively, we can refund your Virtualmin 250 renewal, and you can purchase a Virtualmin 100 renewal.


In that case please renew the license and provide me an extra of 3 months

Okay, you’re all set!

I actually gave you an extra 4 months.

So it’s good through 2014-08-03.

Thanks for renewing!