Virtualmin unexpectedly updated my server to centOS 6.6.

I set the Software Package Updates Webmin module to email me its updates. Recently a massive update came through, so I went to check on it, and I was shocked at the message telling me Virtualmin needs to redo its configuration, because it detected an update to CentOS 6.6, or something like that. My message was the same as this guys:

Apparently, if you set the “Install any updates” radio button in the Software Package Updates Webmin module, Virtualmin will upgrade your OS to a new version if one comes out. As today Webmin just upgraded me from CentOS 6.5 to CentOS 6.6. When I clicked the “Install any updates” radio button, I didn’t think I was signing up for that. I just wanted security holes updated. Perhaps I should have selected “Install security updates” instead, but what if it misses a security update? Seems unlikely now.

I’m not interested in switching back to CentOS 6.5 as 6.6 seems to work fine.

If I select “Install security updates”, would that have still upgraded the server to CentOS 6.6?

I just didn’t think “any” included upgrading the OS. By the way, just to clear this up, does “any” include upgrading to 7.x? I think that’s on a different repo, and I probably don’t want that.


Well, what you’re seeing is actually quite normal, and isn’t a high risk change (unlike moving to say, CentOS 7).

That upgrade was performed simply by running “yum update”. The same thing would have happened if you run “yum update” yourself on the command line.

Everyone running CentOS 6.5 should upgrade to 6.6. The packages installed on your system are just minor upgrades to the versions your have there now, and include all the bugfixes and security fixes in the CentOS 6.x line.


Ok, I didn’t think it was that big a deal. It was just surprising to say the least. The list of package upgrades was really long, but not that big of a deal. I’ll have to remember to reboot sometime to upgrade to the kernel.