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I decided to tell the world more about Virtualmin in short YouTube videos.

To begin with, I created a Virtualmin UI overview 2021 video. In the future, I plan to cover various and most frequent questions users ask, in super short and concise clips.

Premiere happens today, on February 1, 2021 at 13.00 (+0300 GMT).

Subscribe, like and comment which topics exactly you think should be covered in the future videos.


here is a badge for files, also you can put it on your profiles as well… :wink:

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Hi Ilia! Any chance to have the same on Russian? :slight_smile:

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This is an excellent initiative! Well done, @Ilia.

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Thanks, Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks, we will think about adding this badge to our GitHub pages, when/if we get more videos on the channel.

Umm. I really don’t know. I would have to check, as all of this is very time consuming. We assume that all people involved in IT supposed to know English well enough to understand basics. Meanwhile, on the bright side, there are subtitles available, which can be translated to any language on the fly.

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Very cool.

Just from personal experience, covering the email setup would be a big addition. Somebody is on here nearly every day asking about email issues just like I was.

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great video !! who is the narrator – pleasant voice !!

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