Virtualmin : trouble with Squirrelmail on new create website

Virtualmin version 3.81.gpl GPL

Hi, on my server I have created a new website by virtualmin.

All is good, only when I try to open the webmail I have the follow message :

ERROR: Config file ’ . '“config/config.php” not found. You need to ’ . 'configure SquirrelMail before you can use it.
'; exit; } // If we are, go ahead to the login page. header(‘Location: src/login.php’); ?>

All the other website create before work normally.

Can you help me ?


Well, I suppose we need more information on this. :slight_smile: How and where did you set up SquirrelMail, did you configure it (like the error message suggests you didn’t), did anything go wrong there? Does the file it is missing exist, in some other place?


the problem was in a new configuration of the apache template where the user did not run like “apache” user, i don’t know when it changed.

I modified the template, delete, re-create the server and now it’s all OK.