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One of the websites I’m hosting wants to move to a new host that uses CPanel. If I do a full backup of his virtual server sans the Virtualmin server settings, could he then import that into his CPanel and be good to go?

I’ve gone from CPanel to Virtualmin, but not the other way around.

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You should really be looking for this type of answer at a cPanel forum. Generally speaking, you’ll find folks at such a forum would be inclined to assist you in migrating away from another panel.

The odds are, just as Virtualmin has import functionality from other panels, cPanel most likely has the same thing built into their panel, and/or would offer assistance as they’re gaining a customer.

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If you use Virtualmin’s standard backup module and create an archive of your client’s virtual server, it will contain everything that is required to restore the domain(s) on another system, regardless of which web hosting panel is in use on the other system.

Would it be a one-click restore on the other system? Yes, if the other system has the ability to import Virtualmin backups; absent which the systems admin of the other system will have to manually restore from the archive; not difficult for any adept person to accomplish.

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Thanks, @calport. That’s what I thought but wanted to confirm.

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