Virtualmin Theme


I plan on creating a Webhosting using Virtualmin. I’ll start with GPL for now, but there are some big chances that I move on to Virtualmin Pro in a close future.

I was wondering if there was a list of nice “themes” available for the panel. Most of the clients I’ll host will be beginners, so I’m looking for something simple out of the box.

Thanks a lot for your support!

The default Virtualmin Framed Theme is the only theme I am aware of that works with Virtualmin, and provides all the menus and such. There are a number of Webmin themes available (the best probably being Stress Free), but you probably shouldn’t attempt to use it with Virtualmin, as it will be much more difficult to use without the Virtualmin menus.

Note that the normal user accounts (virtual server owners) get a much simplified version of the UI. They have vastly fewer options, so it is much simpler to use.

For those of you who offer Virtualmin to their client, do you receive any feedback about the ease of use?