Virtualmin template is different and search has disappeared

Hi everyone,

I have existing servers on 4.12 gpl with Ubuntu 12.04, and I’ve just set up a couple of new servers on 4.16 gpl with Ubuntu 14.04.

I’m noticing that there’s no search box on the Virtualmin tab and some of the template looks a bit different on the new installs. There is a search on the Webmin tab but not Virtualmin.

The layout of the system information is different (memory and disk space are all on the left) and the status section is missing the grid layout and the headings (Service up? Actions).

I tried again on a completely fresh server but still running into this problem. It is as if the Virtualmin template has got broken - it works fine with the Authentic theme but I prefer the standard framed theme as it’s what I’m used to.

Please let me know if anyone has any resolution for this or if you are running into the same problem.

Many thanks,


There have been some changes in the virtualmin-framed-theme. The way the left menu and the right menu are generated now comes from a function in Webmin, rather than hardcoded in the theme itself. This is to allow other themes to support Virtualmin and Cloudmin and the left menus those projects have in the Virtualmin Framed Theme.

All of this can probably be corrected, but I’m hesitant to spend any time on cosmetic stuff in a theme that will be retired in the next few months. I’ll take a quick peek to see if bringing the search box back is trivial. I suspect it is. I never liked that the Virtualmin search box only brought back Virtualmin results, so maybe I’ll add it back in as a full-webmin search box.

But, for the future, perhaps we can help by making Authentic theme work better for you? What are some things that make it less appealing to you them the old theme?

Some things we already plan to do in Authentic in the coming weeks:

  1. Bring icons back, in limited fashion, and in a scalable format so that they can be used across everything from mobile devices to large HD displays. Several places where older themes have icons have had them removed in Authentic. We’re considering our options on getting modern icons to replace the somewhat old ones we use now. We don’t have the kind of budget I had back when I hired a pro to make the last bunch of extra Nuvola style icons (that was before Virtualmin, Inc. even existed and I was making a lot more money doing contract work), but it may be that we can use off-the-shelf free icons (perhaps even an icon font) to provide the icons we need.

  2. Fixing bugs that prevent it from working when proxied.

  3. Providing a screen reader accessible path to switch to the virtualmin-mobile-theme, for folks who use a reader (the mobile theme doubles as a pretty darned accessible theme, as it is based on hierarchical menus rather than a left navigation menu and a right content pane).

In short, tell us what we need to do to make Authentic the best theme for you. (We’ll keep on supporting the current theme at least until the Webmin API changes in 2.0, and we’ll keep supporting Webmin 1.x for probably a year after 2.0 becomes stable. But, eventually the old theme will be extinct. At least a few new ones will exist by that time, but none will look precisely like Virtualmin Framed Theme, as it’s really unpopular with new users and gets us a lot of trash talk on the web about how ugly Virtualmin is!)

Hi Joe,

I appreciate you getting back to me regarding this and I agree the new theme looks much better and will certainly attract new users to Virtualmin.

The missing icons in Authentic do make a big difference compared to the Virtualmin framed theme because it takes longer to find, at a glance, what you are looking for on the configuration pages.

The system information is now in one column and takes up more page length; I have to scroll down to check if there’s any system updates, whereas I used to be able to see that as soon as I landed on the page.

The status panel isn’t quite as obvious when something is down because the icons are all together rather than the status icon being separate to the control icons.

Also, some things like Virtualmin Configuration are not in segments anymore, so it’s harder to locate the setting I’m looking for amongst the huge list of options.

Other than that, it’s just the case of getting used to it.



Will, in case you want to change the way you see System Information tables padding, just add the following to your custom styles.css (see for details) to make it look the way you want:

#system-status > .panel-body > .table.table-hover > tbody > tr > td { padding-top:3px !important; padding-bottom:3px !important; }

Besides, theme was a lot of settings. In case you miss one, please submit a ticket to GitHub ( page and I will add more!

Thanks Ilia, I will have a play with that.

It’s very easy to use and well documented. You can make the theme look just the way you want like no other themes.