Virtualmin su_exec suse 11.1

how do i tell Virtualmin to use /srv/www for su_exec not /home?
using opensuse 11.1

Which version of Virtualmin are you using, the Pro or GPL?

And did you install with the script?

How to change this depends on the above :wink:




and i used the manual installation guide

Okay, so suexec comes precompiled to use a given directory. Your distro’s version of Apache uses one thing, and Virtualmin’s is compiled for /home.

So if you’re using Virtualmin’s Apache version, your options are:

  1. Switch back to the Apache provided by your distro

  2. Recompile suexec to use your preferred directory

  3. Disable suexec altogether (in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website)

Further, if you want to use something other than /home, you’d also have to change some paths within Virtualmin, such as in System Settings -> Module Config -> Defaults for new domains, where it’s see to /home by default.

If you aren’t tied to it for some reason, using /home may be quite a bit simpler :slight_smile: