Virtualmin stops working some times and throws ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.4
Virtualmin version I can’t access to check it

I’ve been using Virtualmin for the last 20 hours and some times it stops working and it shows ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when conecting.

I’ve tried restarting webmin but it doesn’t work… All the other process are working fine, webisites hosted are working, ftp is working…

Idk what it can be or what to try but it’s the third time in 20 hours… after a some time it start working again.

EDIT: Right now I can connect from another computer, but in the one I’m using rn I can’t… it’s like if it was blocked idk why…

EDIT2: I restarted the whole server but the problem is still there. I can access webmin form anywhere but this computer…

EDIT3: The problem is when conecting from the same network as the server…

EDIT4: If I use the local IP iinstead of the domain it works fine again…

It sounds like you are getting locked out via fail2ban if everything else comes up for you. One of the nice things about this setup is failing one service doesn’t lock you out.

ssh into the server

root@main:/# fail2ban-client status webmin-auth
Status for the jail: webmin-auth
|- Filter
|  |- Currently failed: 0
|  |- Total failed:     0
|  `- Journal matches:  _SYSTEMD_UNIT=webmin.service
`- Actions
   |- Currently banned: 0
   |- Total banned:     0
   `- Banned IP list:

Nothing banned, everything is fine… And SSH is not working neither idk why

SSH responds with timed out on port 22, port openend on router an firewall…

The ONLY thing I can think of that would cause this on an intermittent basis is fail2ban. If you can’t ssh in, and you can’t connect to port 10000 then how did you check this?

Does your provider have a firewall in place?

The server is on my house, is a private server XD

No, my router has no firewall, only the server one

EDIT: It was working on my computer… I sent a email using the SMTP and virtualmin stopped working on this computer…

OK. Pretty much all bets are off then. No way to know what your provider allows and doesn’t allow. They generally don’t like people to have home servers. They may close down higher number ports to stop piracy. Not gonna guess.

Webmin/Virtualmin pretty much works out of the box for the most part.

Damn I found something… It’s when conected to my house network…

If I try to connect using another nerwork it works

I think most services on the box listen to all addresses. Maybe your home router isn’t routing? You may need to set up a host file on your computer. Check the internet for how to do it on your machine.

Idk, everything was working fine but it stoped suddenly

Again, fail2ban is the only service I can think of that would work like this on the server. If that isn’t it, then it is a network issue. Or not? :wink: Basically though, not much more help I can give. Good luck.

Under each jail you have there’s a setting to put in ip s to never ban to eliminate the aggravation and possibility of too many logins locking you out for a time. Go to jail’s list and double click a jail to open the form.

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