Virtualmin slow with many users


I have been using the fine product Virtualmin for a few years.
I recently updated to Virtualmin pro and am enjoying that also.

I have about 30 domains.
Server hardware in p4 with 4 gig ram and 4x scsi hdd in Raid 5, server normal cpu load is 10%

To list domans page takes 15 seconds.
To list all email in domain (1500) talks 15 seconds.
To show a user talks 15 seconds
To show user password takes 30 seconds
To save new email on the domain with 1500 users takes 35 seconds.

CPU pegs whenever I do these functions.

Is there some setting or a way to speed any of the above up?

Thanks heaps


Hmm… it sounds like you may possibly be hitting a bug of some kind, as I’m not seeing those sorts of load times on a lower end system than that with a few hundred domains.

What I might suggest doing is filing a support request using the Support link above, and Jamie can work with you to determine the source of the slowness.

Actually, one question that pops into mind – are you using LDAP or MySQL on that system for users? Or are you using the standard /etc/passwd file? If you’re using LDAP/MySQL, you may need to make sure there isn’t some sort of problem causing a delay in the user lookups.



Thanks for the info.

Just using /etc/passwd

Thanks again