Virtualmin setting up postfix to recive mail

Does virtualmin setup postfix to receive mail?
In "What domains to receive mail for " line in webmin for Postfix I only have my default webname and localhost… what about my other sites?

For example, my server is accessible trough… but my other sites in virtualmin are… do I need manually to enter this in postfix? Or what do I have to do to enable receiving mail from internet?

The short answer is that yes, Virtualmin does setup Postfix. Your system should actually be just fine now to receive mail for any domain you’ve setup in Virtualmin.

The longer story –

Notice that in /etc/postfix/virtual, there’s a list of all sorts of email addresses – those are virtual_alias_maps, which is explained here:

In essence, any address listed in there is redirected elsewhere, to either:

  • Another email address

  • To a local user or alias

If it’s another email address, either the email is sent to another mail server – or if the address exists in the “virtual” file, a lookup is done on that address to determine where to send it.

If it’s an alias, Postfix consults /etc/aliases – and resolves that until it knows what user to deliver to.

At which point, it’s delivered to a local user.

But in essence, with the way virtual_alias_maps work, there’s no need to populate “What domains to receive mail for” (mydestination).


i am able to send mail from virtualmin to external address.
i am also able to send mails within virtualmin email addresses.

but i can not receive external mails.

please advise.


Webmin version 1.530
Virtualmin version 3.83.gpl GPL

“Cannot receive email” is a bit generic for an error description. :slight_smile: Can you elaborate? What exactly did you try and what happened?

First step furthermore is to check the logs in /var/log, more specifically mail.log, for any errors that might be noted there.