Virtualmin set DNS MX entry

DNS MX entry issues, I cannot find where to enter IP addresses of our 2 public mailgateways, virtualmin allways add the one same IP address for all services.

Mailgateways here have public IP addresses, they do LDAP checkup of users and wash the emails, then forwards them to correct mailserver internally, here the mailserver controlled by virtualmin.

Trying to make a template ends up in breaking other nice automatic features like SPF and DNSSEC.

Is there a way to set DNS MX to whatever I like, without breaking SPF and DNSSEC ? or am I forced to use the DNS template ?

Thank you in advance!


You should be able to tweak your various MX settings without breaking things using System Settings -> Server Templates -> BIND DNS Domain.

Settings such as “Master DNS server hostname”, “Additional manually configured nameserver”, and perhaps “Additional SPF IPs and hostnames”, may all be helpful to you.