Virtualmin Server/Network Architecture Best Practices

Hi everyone,

I’m curious to see if there are any “best practices” out there in terms of virtualmin server/network architecture. For example, we are using virtualmin for web and email hosting while our database(s) are on their own servers. We’re running into an issue where our IMAP space requirements are growing so we are looking to see if people are storing files (email/web) on a SAN or some network storage server?

Do people just keep web hosting and email on the save server and simply get more servers as resources require or are people using network storage for efficiency? Now sure how performance would be effected but just checking our options.



Well, I suspect most folks here have all the services on one server, with an internal drive (or drives).

However, we’ve definitely heard about some folks using a SAN for network storage.

It’s also possible to offload some services – you can setup MySQL to run on a remote server, for example. And it’s even simpler to do that with SpamASsassin and ClamAV.

It’s unfortunately not too simple to split email and web services for the same domain.

Regarding SAN performance – it’ll depend on the exact SAN, but I’ve seen many performing quite well… that it was barely noticeable. Or put another way – the bottleneck in website page loading was far more due to the website itself, and not the disk access :slight_smile: