Virtualmin sendmail + LDAP, virtualmin still uses files....

Sendmail + LDAP,

All settings is for LDAP in virtualmin and webmin, but still virtualmin adds aliases etc in sendmail files instead of LDAP!

It seems like I am missing something in virtualmin modules, they seems not to add into LDAP as they should.

Users and Groups are correctly added and removed into LDAP.
There is no error when checking virtualmin either.

Is case that virtualmin does not have full support for sendmail and LDAP ?

Maby I am forced to switch to postfix instead since it looks like there is stronger support for it, also sendmail webmin module lacks ldap support (not any issue for me but…), I have 15 years experience of sendmail, it never turned me down so I like not to change that if possible.

Thank you in advance!

Yeah, the strongest support is for Postfix. I hadn’t tried to get LDAP support working in Sendmail before, but taking a peek in the docs here:

I see this blurb:

Also, only Postfix is covered (even though Sendmail has similar capabilities), as only the Postfix Webmin module supports LDAP at the time of writing.

So, it looks like if you wish to use LDAP, email, and Virtualmin that you’ll need to use Postfix :slight_smile:


Yes, I discovered that the hard way.

I will use postfix for some time, but I will not give up sendmail.

At moment I have postfix + Centos Directory server and virtualmin togeather, config not completed yet.

When that works, I will attack sendmail :-), sendmail without the gui support for ldap then… offcourse… since I do not know howto make addons for webmin to move config in there.

Watch out for posts, I will give all details on howto I did it when done.

Regards //
// Peter Steen