VirtualMin Security

Hi All,

I’m just following a guide I found on the web to make my server as secure as possible.

1/ Changing the webmin admin port from 10000.

Is this just the option from Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Port and Addresses. THen do I need to change both places where 10000 is set (Listen on IP and Ports, AND Listen for Broadcast on UDP Port.)?

2/ Firewall - I’m trying to look into this. If I access Networking -> Linux Firewall, I get this message: No iptables bootup action was found, indicating that the IPtables package is not installed on your system.

If I access FirewallD, i get this: Failed to list zones : e[91mFirewallD is not runninge[00m

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like for whatever reason you don’t have iptables and/or firewalld installed or running on your system. Sounds like you just do not have any sort of firewall installed. Firewalld needs iptables so if you want to use firewalld you need to have iptables installed as well. You don’t say what kind of system this is so it’s a little hard to suggest where to go next.