Virtualmin scheduled backup over FTP mess password

In scheduled backups I set FTP account with password of FTP server
but during backup virtualmin send not the password specified but administrative password of virtualmin user


virtualmin backup file


Output of tcpflow:

tcpflow -C -i any host and port 21

tcpflow: listening on any
220 (vsFTPd 2.2.2)

USER b-188226

331 Please specify the password.

PASS AnotherPassword

530 Login incorrect.

Which “AnotherPassword” is exactly administrative password of virtualmin user of domain but not the one specified in the config of scheduled backup

switch from ftp to ssh…first of lal it is a secured transport. also if your password is really funky the server on the other end may not support that password.

Regardless the security level, this is a bug. I confirm the issue. After many retries I managed to execute the FTP backup using incognito window in Chrome. For some reason the password of the remote ftp server gets and persists the Virtuamin admin password. Probably the password field uses the same name/id/class and during the click event of the save button saves the admin password value. This seems to be a theme/UI issue.

A temporary solution for this is to update the browser “stored” password of the admin user with the ext ftp password. This will not affect the virtualmin admin password.
The FTP settings form will capture the correct password for FTP and this will give you a temporary solution until the UI fix. Hope this helps