Virtualmin + Roundcube Issue

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 7.5-1

So it’s fresh install. When trying to log into our email addresses from Roundcube, it always says login failed. I checked the logs and it’s spitting out some weird stuff. It said auth failed user: test \ Alother weird thing is, whenever we create a new email/ftp user, it automatically adds a forwarder to the same email but with the \ before the @ symbol. I believe the \ is what is confusing Roundcube/Dovecot.

How can I fix this so that the forwarder/alias is not auto created on user creation, and get it so I can use Roundcube to check mail?

I have the same issue, with the \ before the @ being created on aliases. Removing the entries with the \ let roundcube login again.

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