Virtualmin repository in Ubuntu?

In my Ubuntu 18.04 virtual servers, I check version for both Webmin and Virtualmin :

aptitude show webmin

**Package: webmin **
Version: 1.941

aptitude show virtualmin-core

**Package: virtualmin-core **
Version: 6.0.1

Strange that I only have Virtualmin 6.0.1 ?

I have this repository in apt settings :
deb virtualmin-bionic main
deb virtualmin-universal main

Do I need other repositories ? :thinking:

That’s not Virtualmin. Virtualmin (well, the closest thing to saying one package is Virtualmin, even though Virtualmin is actually a dozen or so packages all with different versions) is in the webmin-virtual-server module. virtualmin-core is a metapackage and 6.0.1 is the current version.

You can also see the Virtualmin module version in the dashboard when you login to Virtualmin/Webmin.

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Hello Joe
ah… of course ! :thinking:
Yes, I see this in the Dashboard:
Webmin version 1.941
Usermin version 1.791
Virtualmin version 6.08
Authentic theme version 19.45

So all seem to be up to date :smiley:

Thanks for your VERY fast reply :smiley:

You can update the virtualmin version from 6.08 to 6.09.
there you can get the 6.09 package.

Plus, the Authentic theme can be updated from 19.45 to 19.47 too. :slight_smile:

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