Virtualmin Repo and Webmin updates?

I have the latest Virtualmin installed by script.
In the repos directory I see this repo:

-rwsr-s—. 1 root root 439 Sep 19 11:15 virtualmin.repo

Q1: Why is it displaying with red color?

The contents of the repo are:
name=RHEL/CentOS/Scientific $releasever - $basearch - Virtualmin

name=Virtualmin Distribution Neutral Packages

When I login to vrtualmin I see that WEBMIN has an update :
Webmin version 1.770 is now available, but you are running version 1.760.

When however I do a yum update nothing comes up as needing updating.

Q2: Isn’t that repo responsible for updating webmin as well?
Am I missing probably a extra repo just for webmin?

Please advise,

Thank you :slight_smile:


That message is safe to ignore – it looks like Jamie has made a new Webmin update, but Joe hasn’t put it in the Virtualmin repository yet. That will be corrected soon!


So i don’t press the button to update webmin to latest version?
I am referring in the main screen of Virtualmin.



Your repos are correct… Jamie has created a new Webmin version, but it’s not in the Virtualmin repo yet. We’re waiting for some other things to happen first before that gets put in there.

Unfortunately, it seems that Virtualmin is seeing the new Webmin version and is mentioning that.

It really shouldn’t be doing that, I’ll talk to Jamie about not showing that message.

That’s safe to ignore though :slight_smile: