Virtualmin redundancy - replication - high availability

I am currently deploying two ESXi hosts where I will host several sites. So, I will have a virtualmin host, a few windows servers hosting ASP sites and a couple of linux servers with MySql. I absolutely have to have high availability and failover on these sites. I can do that by using a server load balancing from the hosting company ( and protect my webservers.
The question is how do I save the day if the server that hosts virtualmin goes down.
I cannot have two virualmin servers with the same setup working live. Nor two identical mail servers working together. Same thing with all the servers under virualmin supervision.
Is there a solution to my problem or do I have to forget virtualmin, which I’d hate to do, and rollout individual servers, much to my frastration to cope with.

Does anybody out there has gone the same path with me?


How high of availability do you need to have, and on what services? Always 100% uptime for Virtualmin’s login page?

Can you explain more about your network setup? More information regarding what servers talk to whom, and how you envision your backend rollout will help us help you =)

I want virualmin to work in two different VMs, located in two different ESXis and provide its services uninterrupted. The virtualmin host will take care of DNS and emal for my domains. The sites will be hosted in other VMs in those two ESXis.
I want virualmin redundancy since if virtualmin goes down, no one will have access to the websites (due to DNS down)
As for the network setup, I have two dedicated servers which will host two VMware ESXis. In each ESXi I will have multiple virtual machines. These virtual machines will be the a CentOS (or two) running virtualmin, several Windows 2003 hosts running IIS and a couple of CentOS running MySql.
As to which server will be talking to whom, I really do not understand the question. Apart from virtualmin connecting to its Mysql for housekeeping reasons, each webserver will talk to a Mysql server, but high availability on webservers and Mysql is a problem I have already solved using an extra service from my hosting company.
Virtualmin is my concern.