Virtualmin redirect www, but not mail

I would like to redirect my home page to Smugmug but when I do that the the mail for that domain doesn’t common; it gets bounced.
SmugMug has a nifty app that installs a template with the registrar, GoDaddy and it works, but unfortunately I can no longer receive mail on my VirtualMin hosted site.
I think I have to do things manually: i.e.: remove the template from the registrar and implement a redirect on my server through Virtualmin. The issue is that I can only see how to redirect website to a url. I only want the homepage: to point to SmugMug and still have my inbound mail come in. ( I can log in to Usermin and send mail, but not relieve any) .
Is this possible? Any clues or tips? Or just please tell me what I need to do.


problem solved. created an alias for the domain in Virtualmin and registered it